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Frequently Asked Questions

Below FAQ are some common questions our goddesses inquire about before purchasing our vegan cosmetics.
If the questions below don't answer your question please feel free to send as an email at beautiful@urbanminerals.com
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On the main Shop dropdown menu, in our Loose Mineral Foundations category, you will always find pictures of the Loose Mineral Foundations, and menu that makes it easy to select the colour you're looking for. Of course, the first step starts with you knowing and understanding your skin tone. We've made it even easier for you to find your colour by using descriptive common keywords by tone and undertone, what the foundation will help you achieve, who it was made for by ethnicity and what colours that person looks good wearing. We've found that this can be a really good indicator of colour choice based on commonalities between the races. As our company grows, we are continuing to add more tools to help you buy online, and that includes beautiful photography with our Win-Win Women project as well as more technology (coming in soon!) to make your decision super easy. Cool huh? If the descriptions still aren't enough, don't hesitate to contact us by clicking on the Contact tab, or by sending us an email directly at beautiful@urbanminerals.ca. Founder Sarah Devika is always delighted to help you find your perfect match. Normally, she'll require a well-lit photo of you to assess your skin tone and give you her highly accurate recommendation. Happy shopping!

In makeup, knowing your undertone is paramount to creating a look that is going to look great and wear well in natural light. The easiest way we know of to figure this out is to take a look at the veins on the inside of your wrist. If they appear green-ish in tone, then you my friend have a yellow or olive undertone and if they appear more blue or purple in tone, then you know you have a pink or red undertone. We will use undertones as common keywords in all of our Loose Mineral Foundation descriptions, making it that much easier for you to identigy what shade of Urban Minerals is for you. Don't hesitate to ask us or be colour matched in person, by appointment.

When you receive your Loose Mineral Foundation in the mail, get ready for a simplified approach to mineral makeup. Here at Urban Minerals we've chosen packaging that allows you to dispense the product in a controlled way. So go ahead, unlock that sifter baby and tap it once into the lid.

Next, take your powder foundation brush or kabuki brush depending on the coverage you're looking for and use the cap to swirl the product into the bristles. This picks up your desired amount and then always make sure to tap off excess so you don't get unappealing streaks and starting on the outside of the face start circling the brush in round movements towards the centre of the face. A great way to get flawless coverage is to make a few passes like this and then do one large circle of the face ending in the centre. We always do this and it makes all the difference.

If you do for whatever reason pick up too much foundation, just grab a clean brush and start to buff it out. This will help to disburse the product and lessen any heavy effect.

Before we tell you to send it back, let's do a thorough colour check. Where are you? If you're inside, head outside with a hand held mirror and find some sunlight. That is absolutely the best way to check your foundation colour, because you want to look your best in natural lighting. This will show you in what way the colour isn't hitting the sacred skin tone mark. Through this, have a look to see if it's too light, too dark, to red, yellow, or neutral.

If you don't have access to outdoors, head to a window and do the same thing. If you are in a place that hasn't any good lighting then it may be time for your to head out and find some. (We don't want you to turn on ALL of your lights to do this, waste not want not eh?) Sure it's not the right colour?

Head over to Urban Minerals Returns page and have a look at what we can do for you. We're here to help you girl. Lets find the right shade together.

Truthfully, anything you put on your skin is foreign to it and can both positively and negatively impact it. Unfortunately that sometimes means that you can break out too. But here's an interesting thought that you may not have considered. Often when people switch from conventional products to natural and organic ones, they go through a detoxification process. This can come in the form of not so nice break outs. Your skin is reacting to ingredients it's either never felt before or if its a cosmetic product, is unused to a product that doesn't contain a silicone ingredient that offers glide. Silicone, and petrochemicals in general can often have an effect much like saran wrap on the skin. They create a barrier that catches bacteria beneath it. For a time, your skin looks great but eventually that will change and a lot of people are noticing as they make the switch to something natural.

The best way to test out if its a serious issue or simply your skin is detoxing, is to do a patch test on your inner arm, to see if you have a sensitivity to the product, and discontinue use, if you notice your skin getting noticeably red or feel uncomfortable. However, keep in mind that if your skin is detoxing, that you may want to stick out this period, as your skin, your largest organ, will detox on its own, slowly, but surely.

Our Urban Minerals foundations contain only botanical and herbal ingredients that are anti-inflammatory, high in essential fatty acids, reparative and soothing for the skin. But hey, we won't discredit you or your skin. We value you after all and want you to look and feel amazing. So check out our customer service and return policy here, and we'll walk you through the next steps.

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