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Cruelty free vegan cosmetics formulated with natures best kept secrets. You're welcome goddess.
Clean natural cosmetics


We are vegan, cruelty-free and we infuse every particle of our products with reiki.

Our Misson

Urban Minerals is an award winning natural beauty & cosmetics company, focused on creating PRO products from plant based ingredients.

Our Core Pillars

We're all about Beauty, Diversity & Multiculturalism, Environmental Sustainability and Social Purpose. Cosmetics can do all that!



Hello! Iā€™m Sarah Devika, Founder & CEO (Chief Eco Officer) of Urban Minerals, Head Makeup Artist and also a writer & avid world traveller.

Urban Minerals is my collection of luxe Mineral Cosmetics made for multicultural women of all divine and diverse backgrounds. From the beginning, my focus has always been on creating a line of makeup from a place of enviro-integrity; employing vegan, cruelty-free and certified organic ingredients in our formulations. What I've done is made luxurious products that work impeccably well and also heal the skin as they accompany you throughout your day.

Early on in life, I learned of the power of Makeup, and have always loved glamour & fashion. In University, I followed my heart and dove into studying the natural world - Environment & Culture: Philosophy, Arts, Technology and Education. This academic playground leant considerable weight to my understanding of how human cultures interact with the natural world, and how Mother Nature shapes us in return. The results of those studies was at first optimism, then despair, followed by slowly mustered courage and finally determination to create something anew.

Which brings us to Urban Minerals.

You may think makeup has so little to do with environmentalism. But look closer. We locally source every single, whole food ingredient in our signature products, choosing for both form and function. Drawing on the power of 8 herbs that come from Canada, our skin care minded foundations and more are hand made and infused with Reiki. This ties together a local Canadian economy, a reductionist approach to our carbon footprint, and an intuitive and stylish understanding of the body & environment.

Beauty is powerful, and a wonderful expression of our soul. When you take time in the morning with your beauty routine, you indulge in the things that help you feel good, and by extension, that create the real confidence and charisma that sparkles around you.

That's what Urban Minerals was created for. To be your go to products to help you hone in on your own beauty.

As we grow as Women, beauty lovers, nature lovers, and more, we hope you'll join us on this journey of self-care, beautiful natural cosmetics, and nature loving goodness!

Urban Minerals is my ode to Women. Natural, beautiful and made for Us.