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Yes, I Really Left a Note on a Random Person's Windshield

Yes, I Really Left a Note on a Random Person's Windshield

Yes, I Really Left a Note on a Random Person's Windshield


Right now, I'm letting that magical, misty full moon light infuse me like a mug of steeped tea... 

Every month we get to experience the amazing Full Moon light that expands everything it touches.  And so if you’re like me and are working on putting out positivity into the Universe, right about now is a great time to put some strategy to work.

Here's what I mean.  Let's just say your girls been busy...

Firstly, I’ve been working behind the scenes on a project that will come to light in about 6 weeks.  I can only hint at it’s public relations subject matter, but what I can say is that it is SUPER exciting.  I can’t wait to start sowing some more seeds next week and to reap the eventual harvest of these carefully laid plans.

And secondly, I’ve decided that while I work away at the hype tech specs, I’m going to give myself some support by following a special prescription for the next 29 days.  I came across this wonderful book, “29 Gifts: How a Month of Giving Can Change Your Life” by Cami Walker about 2 years ago and I’ve decided to give it a try.  In a nutshell, you give something, anything, away for 29 days and in that act of selfless philanthropy, the Universe responds in kind. 



It’s altruism at it’s finest.

A gift can be anything: a compliment to someones rad fall purse choice on the 4:10 express train to Clarkson; fresh picked wild flowers handed to an older fellow tarring his driveway on my walk home at the end of the day; or a hand written note on a perfect strangers windshield telling them their license plate of MN8 LUV, rocks.

Get my drift?

In any case, I plan to see both events through to their logical conclusions by keeping my personal energy up and open and in so doing, excitedly watch what lovely things may come my way.  To date I've already gotten some genuine smiles, compliments in return and tons of great energy flooding my way. That times the harvest full moon energy and I'm be-bop-sheboogying into fall..!

Wanna follow along? Then follow me on instagram @urbanminerals!  I will be posting daily pictures of my gift giving exploits and their happy outcomes.

Lastly, take this full moon energy as an opportunity to breath deeply, get centred to welcome the coming Fall Equinox this Sunday, September 22nd, and set some creative goals to give of your own. 

Watch this tear jerker of a video for some awesome inspiration!

22 Random Acts of Kindness.

One love,

Sarah Devika

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