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Why Urban Minerals has some Funktastic Names

Why Urban Minerals has some Funktastic Names

Why Urban Minerals has some Funktastic Names

Here's a story from Urban Minerals vault.

When I first began mixing the Urban Minerals line, I asked as many women as I could to come sit with me and have some free custom foundation mixed for them. I used our time together to ask questions about skin, makeup routines, how they wanted to look everyday and to match their skin tones with my handy dandy, traveling kit of minerals. I did this with 15 wonderful individuals and it made me so happy to finally get clarity on how the line would take shape. 

Then I embarked on a journey to fill in the gaps. I mixed the remaining 15 shades with a keen eye for multicultural differences. I got even happier! As each one was finished, I was brought that much closer to fulfilling my dream of launching my dream line of natural and organic mineral makeup for women of all colours...

One of the last steps in getting prepped for the last leg of my start up journey was to name them. So I did what I was doing daily (or trying to do at least), I meditated. I got super centered and quiet and found the words came to my mind effortlessly once I thought about those first 15 women and their unique beauty. The second 15 were trickier, but it was a funky little practice of imagining my ideal customer avatar (thanks Marie Forleo!) that did the rest for me. I imagined who those women were, what they looked like, what their sensibilities were and how they thought of themselves.

That's why you'll find names like Real Vitality, Missus Multicultural, Universal Harmony and Ms. Divine in the mix. I could picture those people showing up one day and finding their namesakes amongst the other shades (and somehow knowing that they were wearing the right ones because of the seemingly succinct name that called to them...) Lol, so dramatic...but this is makeup after all.

And for myself? Down to Earth Diva became my winter shade and Meant to be Swag was my ride or die summer shade. Fits the bill I must say....

Find out more about each shade on the urbanminerals.ca shop page. I'm sure you can find one you'll love, or a loved one will love even more. Natural, organic, and fierce colour range included.

Oh, and if you haven't already, Like Urban Minerals on Facebook (and sign up on Parents Canada's website here) and share it with your friends to win 2 foundations of your choice! You never know what shade will call to you!

Big love,

Sarah Devika


Founder & CEO of Urban Minerals

Toronto, Canada



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