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Why I Look for the Magic

Why I Look for the Magic

Why I Look for the Magic

Happy start to your week everyone!

After a wonderful long weekend, in which I experienced lots of what Toronto has to offer, I am feeling truly refreshed and happy. I say this because I felt balanced all weekend long. For those of you who've been following along for a while, that was one of the intentions I set for this year - resolutions in other words. I got to work hard AND have lots of fun, get lots of sun and just meet a ton of new people. I love it when that happens!

I think I also fell more in love with my city this weekend too. If you can tell anything by the state of my Instagram feed, my life has had me popping around - from midtown barbeques and birthday parties to downtown for Caribana (which gave me the best of opportunities to jump up! Lots of delicious curry goat and oxtail were had - Guyanese and Jamaican delicacies ;) ; downtown to Centre Island (went to Centreville, which I haven't done since I became tall enough to ride the rides) and then went to Electric Island yesterday on the Civic Monday, which is an annual house/funk/soulclap party on the island. Lots of multiculutralism, no doubt. One of my fave parts was getting to see flocks, and i mean flocks, of ducks and swans, two of my animal totems for the moment, especially the beautiful, graceful swan.

I love the swan in particular as its been popping up for me a lot more, basically daily, whenever I pass over the Credit River on my daily commute to work (I have some buddies living just north of the bridge there) and its an animal totem that represents the harmony between the earth, air and water elements - grounded pursuits, lively ideas and balanced emotions. This totem for me brings into question the ideas of intuition and inner beauty, ideas which I've been aware of, struggled with at times and am learning to shine my light more on more everyday. Thankfully the swan is here to glide, I mean guide me. (Hehehe)

The duck? Well according to my handy dandy animal totems app, just means new beginnings, flexibility, adaptability and resilience. All ideas that are floating around in my mind right now. Hmmmm maybe there's a pattern here? The two seem to go hand in hand and they actually probably do. Two water birds can't be a coincidence, can they?

Lets just say it was a magical long weekend.

Which is truly what today's post is all about - seeing all the magic in your day to day life, not just on the long weekends of life.. I still worked a shift at my 9-5 on Sunday, but heck even that was cool because I work at WF in Yorkville and helped Tie Domi and Venus Williams...hey now celeb magic!

Maybe I sound like a broken record but honestly, from the bottom of my heart, just find the magic within your everyday goings on. see the cool, the quirky or the jsut plain awesome and use that as fuel to move ahead in your life. I feel like the universe has your back homie.

So if you take away nothing but one thing from today's post, please let it be the need to see some magic in your own life. Because oh baby, its right there, waiting for you to wave your wand. See?

With nothing but love.

Sarah Devika

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