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Where Do You Want to Go?

Where Do You Want to Go?

Where Do You Want to Go?

Happy August Beautiful!

Today is the very first day of the month & consequently the perfect moment to review, pivot and move in the direction you really want to go.

Today, on this auspicious first day of the month, I just have to send out some amazing gratitude to 4 incredible, impeccable women and writers.  With verve and humour, each has written amazing personal testimony of just how darn good Urban Minerals really is.
This has launched me into the next solar system of happiness and consequently set me on the path that I want to go.  And so it is with pride that I dedicate the new Media Reviews Page to them! 

So today in honour of such wonderful words and really, truly, madly and deeply enjoying and loving yourself, for all the work you do, what is it that you are going to be moving forward with this August? 

Aside from getting your hands on some fabulous Urban Minerals Foundation for that fabulous tan you’re working on, where is your minds focus?  What does your heart long for

Leave a comment on the blog and enjoy this special time of the year, request a FREE sample & OH!

ENJOY CARIBANAAn awesome celebration of all things Caribbean colourful, beautiful, just good ole' jumpin’ up!  Don't feel afraid to explore! Find me there near the Liberty Grand beer tent reppin’ Urban Minerals multi-cultural/coloured spirit!


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