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What the Heck is Green Beauty?

What the Heck is Green Beauty?

What the Heck is Green Beauty?

Today’s let’s take a moment to break Green Beauty down...

Green Beauty is all things inclusive.  All things in awareness of natural processes, beautiful ingredients, majestic results and just feeling good about giving back to the earth.

Its a balanced approach to feeling good, because it’s in full awareness of what’s going in, what’s being taken, what’s been replenished and how all involved can benefit.

At Urban Minerals, we wouldn’t want to consider ourselves anything else.  Contributing to this beautiful green world is exactly how we want to give back to the world. That’s why it makes the most sense for us to source local ingredients and where not, only from Canada, to ensure our suppliers are high quality and to mix up makeup from the heart.

We put a strong emphasis on using real ingredients you can pronounce, keeping in line with our strong environmental ethics and most important looking and feeling great.

So in the comments below, we’d love to hear all about your experience with Green Beauty.  What was your very first GB product?  How did it make you feel to take the plunge and make the switch?  

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika

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