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What? It's October...Already?!

What? It's October...Already?!

What? It's October...Already?!

Happy October everyone! 

Can you believe it's October already?!

I say that in disbelief, because 2013 has seemingly flown by.  Like no, really.

And so I have to share a rather philosophical question.  Is the mechanism for the perennial time warp part and parcel of getting older and more accustomed to the seasonal changes that take place throughout the year, or relative to how many activities fill your time, ie. time flies when you're having fun.  

I think it's a combination of both.

As a kid, I never felt ready for the fall.  I always wanted to keep the summer for as long as I could because I desperately despised the cold (which is probably symptomatic of the fact that I know I'm meant to be in a tropical locale and getting dressed for the GATT winter outdoors was never my parents forté). But thankfully, as I get a bit older and hopefully better dressed (read: practical), I've begun to notice a distinct shift in my  perception of nature.  I'm relishing each season more and I'm looking for the special hall marks of each weather shift that remind me to be in my own natural flow of inspiration, planting, reaping, resting.  See?

But as so many can attest before me, the great time warp still exists.  You know the one - where all of a sudden you wake up one day and it's the first day of October and you think to yourself, holy cow, Halloween is almost upon us?  Perhaps it's harder to believe this year because the weather is still unseasonably warm.  And whoa now, no, I'm not complaining.  But simply put, because I've been in tune with the seasons this year, I actually felt ready for the shift.  And it's not here.  Interesting how that happens...

In any case, I want to ask a question for inner reflection.  Do you feel like you are in tune with the seasons? And if so, does the work you do become changed somehow as a reflection of what's going on in nature?  I for example am beginning a new PR trajectory as of September 25th, which has me beginning to look at more product crafting.  As I move towards the winter, I will be stocking up my personal inventory and making sure I have good numbers going into the colder months.  Ya dig?

So think about it and let me know in the comments.  I'd love to hear about your subtle shifts! Oh ya, and share this blog if it hits home for ya.  

Happy October!

With love,

Sarah Devika 

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