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We're Rising Stars this Spring!

We're Rising Stars this Spring!

We're Rising Stars this Spring!



Hey friend!

Sometimes you get an opportunity from the universe so juicy, you just can't help but go for it! And that's exactly what happened to us!

In a funky twist of fate, an opportunity I had initially turned down for timing reasons, circled back around to knock on my door again, and being the kind of girl who knows how to read the signs, I decided to say YES this time! Before you know it, I'm in the studio mixing up a TON of makeup for one of the biggest shows Toronto has to offer - the One of a Kind Show!

This year from Wednesday, March 29th until Sunday, April 2nd, 2017, Urban Minerals will be hanging out in the Rising Stars section of the show, with the cutest little booth you ever did see!

We're excited to be debuting our new packaging for the collection, so please come out and show your support to get your hands on it!

To make this easier for you, we're giving you a discount code to get $3 off your $15 admission. Just hop over to the OOAK Tickets & Gifts Certificate page and use code ETJL6L9X to save on your admission.

Oh! And if you'd like to do some light reading before the show opens, check out our Artisan Profile <3 data-preserve-html-node="true"

I seriously hope to see you there beautiful!

XO Sarah Devika Founder & CEO

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