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We're Meant to be Swag!

We're Meant to be Swag!

We're Meant to be Swag!

I'm happy to report that I finally got to switch over to my summer shade of foundation this week!  What with the suns rays following me everywhere I go and no rain clouds able to dampen my spirit, I happily switched up my Down To Earth Diva toMeant To Be Swag!  And my goodness, do I ever feel like my swag is turned on!

Like most of us, I feel so alive when it's summer.  It's the time of year I'm meant to live my fullest life, the time when my soul is bounding from one amazing experience to the next, the world is in full bloom with flowers right, left and centre, my calender is filled with fun to dos and my mental landscape feels the connection to summer breaks of semesters long past.  I thrive!  


And so it's right here, in that feeling that I'm so happy that my true match for this wonderful season is Meant To Be Swag - cuz baby, I feel it!   

So what are you waiting for?  Are you ready to feel amazing, like yourself but like a million bucks on top of that already fierce inner-self?  I bet you got some definite swagu (omg did we really just say that...?!)

Why not head over to the Shop page and see what the full line has to offer.  A good suggestion is to click on the shade you think might be the right match, read the keywords for what the tone and undertone are and definitely check out the descriptions too.  And if you get stuck, by all means, send us a love note and we will take the guess work out of it for you.  

Cuz baby, your Meant To Be Swag too!

With nothin' but love, 

Sarah Devika

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