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Wait A Minute, We're Not Related?

Wait A Minute, We're Not Related?

Wait A Minute, We're Not Related?

So today is kind of a cool day in Urban Minerals history. Ok no, it's actually kind awesome!

Today I get to meet a woman to give her an in person consultation. In and of itself great. But here's the cool part. She is neither my personal friend nor actual family member. What!

I didn't realize it but apparently people are actually looking at Urban Minerals, and truly "finding" it out there, on the interwebs!

Holy makeup batman!

(Does this make me a celebrity?)

Lol, I'm just joking, but no honestly, what does this mean? Obviously it means that I'm doing something right. In any case it doesn't matter so much as long as I keep doing what I'm doing and I keep helping women in the way I've been doing it.

I just didn't realize this could happen so fast. I, we, only launched this baby in June, but hey if the Universe is serving it up hot, I'm gonna stay in line and take whats dished out to me! I'm so eager to find out how she found Urban Minerals! Wayyy cool!

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