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Urban Minerals GoFundMe Campaign!

Urban Minerals GoFundMe Campaign!

Urban Minerals GoFundMe Campaign!

 So today I'm launching something quite exciting - Urban Minerals very own GoFundMe campaign.

You see, for the last few years, we've grown as a company so much, with more customers, a larger audience, greater exposure and more fun events under our belt. All of this has resulted in so many people loving Urban Minerals signature product - the Loose Mineral Foundation and converted more and more lovely ladies to amazing natural mineral makeup!

It's been one heck of an exciting ride, and something I ultimately would never trade for anything!


Meeting Miss J Alexander at the 2016 Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite for the Academy Awards!

Meeting Miss J Alexander at the 2016 Celebrity Connected Gifting Suite for the Academy Awards!

Becoming an entrepreneur has catapulted me to a personal level of excellence that I really don't think could have been done any other way.

And now, as Urban Minerals comes into her 4th year on this years Summer Solstice, I have expansion on the brain! So many people have asked me "what's next?!" in anticipation of more awesome quality products and you betcha, that I want to respond with the truth, "oh SO much more!"


It's always been my wish to create from the heart, good and natural products that help women feel beautiful. Realistically, to do this, you need good cash flow, strategy, precision, passion and commitment to the process. I have all of that going for me, but I need some help with the cash flow.

That's why today I'm launching Urban Minerals very own GoFundMe campaign! It is a fund I've set up to help support the expansion of the line, so that I can manufacture a brand new mineral bronzer, a liquid foundation and mineral blushes and highlighters!

These products it feels like, have been on the tip of my tongue. They want to be released to the public just as much as I want to release them, and plans to create them have already begun.

I just need your help to finish the process.

So please, have a look at Urban Minerals GoFundMe campaign and if you're so inclined, please consider donating to help me create some truly awesome vegan, cruelty-free, natural and organic products!


I appreciate your love and support so, so much and am grateful for this opportunity to expand my dreams!

With so much love!

Sarah Devika Founder & CEO Urban Minerals


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