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That time we got Celebrity Connected!

That time we got Celebrity Connected!

That time we got Celebrity Connected!

When Dreams Come True! 

Hey there friend!

Today we want to take you back a few months to an event that changed Urban Minerals history for the better!  We had the auspicious chance to meet some pretty awesome celebs at this years Celebrity Connected gifting suite in Honour of the 2016 Academy Awards (now say that 5 times fast!)

Busy, bright, and filled to the brim with beautiful people, it was exactly what you think a pre-Oscars event would be like.  This definitely fulfilled our dream to bring Urban Minerals to a stage we know it belongs on and to meet, gasp, Miss J Alexander! (fan girl-ing so hard!)

Take a moment to watch the video above to see how our Founder Sarah Devika worked with upwards of 170 people to find their true Urban Minerals #LMF (Loose Mineral Foundation!)

Pretty nifty right?!  Well just to let you know, if you're now itching to try out this seriously smooth natural foundation, you can find us at the #LNBF's Eco Pop-Up Shop @ 82 Adelaide St. East starting this Monday, May 1st!

Urban Minerals full line of 30 sumptuous shades of powder foundations will be there for you to try.  That's what Kristi Swanson is saying "Oh my god!" to ;). You can take comfort in knowing that we're always 100% whole food based with healing herbs like chamomile, calendula and aloe vera, and also handmade and Reiki infused by Sarah herself.

So come out and play this May!  And just a thought for you, we do make an excellent Mother's Day gift! :) (Our awesome 40+ clients can definitely attest!)

Lots of love,

Sarah Devika

"Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories."

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