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Sustainably Yours, A Love Letter to Mother Earth

Sustainably Yours, A Love Letter to Mother Earth

Sustainably Yours, A Love Letter to Mother Earth

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Mother Earth, we Love You! 

Before we launch into the exciting reason for today's blog, we think it's best to send some much needed LOVE and POSITIVE ENERGY to Mother Earth herself. 

We know that with everything happening in the world, and with so many large scale shifts taking place daily, that now is a great time to be reconnecting with the simple pleasures of life on this planet.

Today is a really important day to take yourself outside to breathe fresh air. To enjoy Spring returning the birds and bees to us. And to luxuriate in the warmth of the sunshine on your face (if it's out wherever you find yourself.)

This beautiful place we all call home, Earth, is needing more love than we ever think to give her, and so if you can get outside, perhaps think about going to hug a tree, or to walk barefoot and send some loving energy down into the ground as a simple way of giving back. 

Because we love Mother Earth so much, today we're sending out to you our inaugural Earth Day Sustainability Report. We decided back in January that this year would be the year that we decided to make massive changes in our business, and thankfully, that decision is in alignment with what is needed most on Earth today.

Here's the link to our Urban Minerals Earth Day Sustainability Report, where we go into details on what kinds of initiatives we're taking to get carbon neutral on our gorgeous Lip Essentials, how we are diverting waste and the multiple ways we're aligning with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

If you love Planet Earth as much as we do, please share this report with a fellow tree hugger, and please consider making some shifts in how you consume and give back to the Earth, now that we know without a doubt that we are at a tipping point.

Sustainably Yours, 

Sarah Devika Sumnauth Founder + CEO @urbanminerals

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