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Officially the Dirty Thinkers 2018 Choice Awards Winner!!

Officially the Dirty Thinkers 2018 Choice Awards Winner!!

Officially the Dirty Thinkers 2018 Choice Awards Winner!!

Hi Friends!

First off, I just have to say thank you, thank you, thank you!! This is the first award Urban Minerals has ever won, and the sense of glowing pride I have for this humble product is warming me through and through!

To give some background, our Light Reflective Hylite + Divine Matte Contour Kit was hand chosen by Think Dirty’s team to compete in the Best Blush/Bronzer/Highlighter category for their inaugural Dirty Thinkers 2018 Choice Awards. Based on their methodology, only brands who showcase non-toxic, clean beauty products to match their standards were nominated. Those standards maintain that a product must not contain carcinogenic, developmental & reproductive toxins, be allergenic or have immuno-toxic ingredients. Amazing right?

This award brings me a lot of joy personally, because it was absolutely and 100% a passion project, that like so many of the things I do, wouldn’t leave me alone in the inspiration stage! I couldn’t get it out of my head! And so a journey unfolded to create it, for all the same right reasons that I created our signature mineral foundations. Transparency of ingredients, upgrading wherever possible to organics and employing wet binders (something I knew literally nothing about) that were naturally derived. All of those key significators brought together with our core herbal ingredients (that impart a whole lotta healing to the skin,) became tantamount to creating this award winning contour kit!

When I say passion project, I mean it, because this was not an easy feat to undertake and complete! All along the way, it felt like I made every possible mistake and came up against every single obstacle possible (right down to the wire!) Those dirty details are in the vault, however I will just say that when life gives you an important task to complete, take the road of least resistance! And when you can't take that road of least resistance, at least take stock of what you've learned after you've bounced off a rock and a hard place a time or two. As with all things worth doing, it's also worth it to see challenges as learning opportunities!

I hope that you take this opportunity to try our new award winning Contour Kit, because it truly is amazing! I personally use it every time I do my makeup, and I’m LOVING it!!

Stay tuned for some cool video tutorials to come out in the next few months as well as some special promo’s as we approach Valentines day! 😘

With lots of love and SO SO MUCH GRATITUDE,

Sarah Devika
Founder + CEO

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