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it's Earth Day (4/22) We're flashing you with 22% OFF!

it's Earth Day (4/22) We're flashing you with 22% OFF!

it's Earth Day (4/22) We're flashing you with 22% OFF! 


Hey there friend!

Hands down one of the best parts about running a natural makeup company is that I know that I live & work in harmony with Mother Nature.  I get my hands dirty when I create; and it feels like a small but sweet homage to this planet - her rivers, lakes, trees, pebbles, sea shells, mountains, fields, breezes and rains.  It feels right.

That's why today I figured I'd rep Urban Minerals heart statement -- "Nature knows no limit to style & colour" and give you a sexy flash discount of 22% off (for the next 24 hours starting today, April 22nd at 8am!) so you can have less limits to natural style & colour!

You might be thinking, "why 22% off, what a random number?" But oh ho! I put some thought into this magical flash discount ;)

Obviously as you know, today is April 22nd. But beyond that, the number 2 holds some important significance.  It's a great representative for all things balanced, calling us out of ourselves and into a diplomatic, adaptable and peaceful stance.  It really has to do with partnerships.  And 22 is a master builder number, a healthy reminder for all of us to strike the right balance with this planet and create with unlimited potential.  I'm sure we could all adapt to a more balanced approach to living in greater harmony with Mother Nature, myself included!

So use code ILoveEarth2016 and get a cool 22% off the entire Urban Minerals collection to feel the luxurious quality of our Loose Mineral Foundations. 

30 Highly blend-able shades are made with 5 minerals & 8 herbs from this very planet we are all glued to with gravity (they're also locally sourced, to reduce our carbon emissions!) And know that you are taking a small step in the right direction, for your body, peace of mind and this planet. 


With lots of earthy, spring time love,

Sarah Devika

Oh and PS. Find the line at #LNBF's Eco Pop-Up Shop @ 82 Adelaide St. East starting May 1st! We make a natural choice for a great Mother's day gift :)

"Leave nothing but footprints, take nothing but memories."

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