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How my Creative Juices are Helping me Plan

How my Creative Juices are Helping me Plan

How my Creative Juices are Helping me Plan

So after the hiatus from writing I've been on, trying to figure out what the best structure for me is, I've decided to come back full force and just post blogs whenever I see fit, aka on a weekly, if not daily basis and especially when the mood strikes. I'm such a creature of habit and have such a need to connect in a written way that this just makes the most sense for me.

My creative juices seem to be gearing back up this month, and with a Happy Canada Day and an eventful start to July, I find myself with a few potential customers and testimonials hopefully lined up and networking to do! In the last 11 days, so much has happened, shifted, been intensely draining and filling that I can't even begin to describe the emotions I feel now. All I know is that I'm moving forward as best as I can and trying to meet as many people as possible to have a lovely summer and an awesome business.

Also with those creative juices, I have some new ideas cooking and especially more so since I set myself some year 1 goals that I'm excited to see actualized - more writing, photoshoots, streamlining of Urban Minerals and my personal web presence and just fun stuff like growing my fan base and getting people trying some loose mineral foundation! But first things first, I need to put the right things into place and connect with the right people to get going. It's a process, but one I simply can't wait to see come to fruition!

So enjoy your shortened week everyone and get ready for more personal insight, love and green beauty from yours truly,

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