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Happy New Year, 2020 edition

Happy New Year, 2020 edition

Happy New Year, 2020 edition 

This past year has been a year of deep transformation, of learning new skills, of creating new connections. This past decade similarly, has been a time of growth, of internal revolution that has reflected in a world and a life that doesn't look exactly the way it did when I entered the 2010’s.

I suppose it’s important to mention that all of that wondrous change has been a direct result of saying yes to creating a business and a life that I had an insatiable pull towards. And I guess that’s the most divine thing about all of this, that I can say yes to big changes, that the more we all say yes to what lights us up, the better the responses from the Universe become.

Urban Minerals began in a very small and timid way, a bootstrapped and unsure kind of way.  Funnily enough in a way that I very quickly learned that I’d be forced to stop, drop and roll away from, due to my own bad habits and old patterns that kept me playing just that - small and timid.  I’m very thankful and feel so blessed to have been given this dream, because it’s been the biggest pusher in my life.  

I was pushed into a place of seeing myself for who I truly am, pushed to seek for real confidence in my abilities, and pushed to find love for all of my sharp edges.  This big ole pusher of a company has even pushed me to remain determined to heal and get clear and focused, and prosper anyway.  I didn’t know that I’d be coaxed into stepping into a much larger job description than simply CEO or mother or friend or sister this decade.  That I’d have to take on all of that and then some, and make peace with it so I could continue with clear vision and joy.  And you know what I learned through this deliberate and long process of pushing and shedding and re-building? That life (or in my case DREAMS) will push you towards who you’re meant to be and even in the smallest moments of anxiety or biggest moments of whooping success, there is so much satisfaction in knowing that you simply showed up and allowed for the process to show you the way - just because you said yes. 

When I look back on these last 7 years as a business owner, it’s sure easy to see all the places I did miss-takes, the whopping face plants of “oh fuck!” moments that inevitably come along to test your grit as the unfortunate cost of doing business.  But what continually helps me to evolve past those painful points is placing my focus on the things that went right, that bloomed before my very eyes and that allowed me to move on up that garden path of beauty and light, to see the fruit that had been growing all summer long.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?

7 years deep and Urban Minerals is now a much different company to where she began.  The tenets one gets used to when bootstrapping have refined themselves, the products have become more chic and beautiful both in packaging and performance. And the mindset we have when we work with our clients and customers and stakeholders have allowed for an openness of heart and spirit in business that just feels right.  We care and we hope you know it. 

I can say without any doubt that I’m glad to be here now, standing firm in the reality of this dream, still working towards its ever larger unfolding, still hitting milestones that I’m proud of - because it’s allowed me to connect with people like you. People who have heard of us, have used our products, have shared them with girlfriends or sisters or mothers, who come back to us at shows and keep an eye out on the website for when new things come along. It’s beautiful people like you that reassure me that all of this craziness at following a small humble voice that told me “you should start a business...”, wasn’t in fact the beginning of some grand delusion, but rather a moment filled with incredible grace and providence for what may be, if only ones response given is “I think I can...”

Thank you to this past decade for showing me incredible spiritual transformation, thank you to these past 7 years that have given me only the itch to keep reaching for my dreams placed amongst the stars, and thank you for showing up, all you beauties, for saying yes to our new Lip Essentials collection (!), saying yes to plant based cosmetics and saying yes to joining our Urban Minerals family, where we always start with self-love, then moisturizer, then go full glam (if we feel like it that day!)

Happy New Year and may you have a truly blessed & beautiful next decade and new beginning to your biggest chapter yet! 🥳

What will you say yes to? ✨



Sarah Devika

Founder & CEO


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