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Failing is just a Learning Opportunity

Failing is just a Learning Opportunity

Failing is just a Learning Opportunity

So Epic fail...

That's right folks, mama didn't do what she said she'd do. 

I have to be honest right now and tell you all that while my intentions were good this week, I did not start a detox...

Womp, womp, womppp.

I know, I know, I said I would do one!  But it just didn't happen.  Maybe naming Monday as my day was the issue or most likely it was just the mood my mind and body was in on Sunday, but either way, it didn't happen.

And so let me tell you why I think this is actually a really great thing.

In my humble opinion, failing at something is often an opportunity to re-evaluate and learn from what went wrong.  I noticed on Sunday night that I wasn't feeling up to a cleanse yet and that I erred to pick up the kit I wanted to start on Monday morning (Renew Life's 7 Day Total Body Cleanse.)  Both of these were simple signs that I wasn't feeling the way I was on Friday when I announced to you that I'd be going for the gold.  

And so I think that in this moment I need to take a bigger perspective and see why this was really a life saver.  

Maybe had I started the cleanse this week, I wouldn't have been in strong enough shape to hear back some EXCELLENT news from my two PR ladies about a possible feature for this winter (!)  

Maybe therefore I wouldn't have felt up to scheduling a much needed photoshoot for myself with my awesome photographer friend Nimrod Mendoza (the one and the same from the launch party!) and shoot my headshots yesterday.  

Maybe I would have been too busy having my insides excavated to be in glamour mode. (lol)

In either case I'm thankful that I waited, because  you know what's coming...Thanksgiving! That's right, it's that time of year that we get to spend time with our loved ones, eat cornucopia full meals here in North America and abroad and really just get back to a balanced place of giving and receiving.  

Epic fail or not, I still feel grateful and thankful to just be alive.  So in the meanwhile, as I head into this festive time of year, and prep to be bombarded with carbs and turkey, I will just aim to simply be thankful that my body works, I'm healthy and that I have the luxury of choosing whether or not I do a detox come next week.

Can ya dig it?

With lots of gobble gobble love,

Sarah Devika
Founder & CEO

Ps. Here's a sneak preview from that photo shoot!!

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