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Dr. Emoto's Good Vibrations & Detoxing

Dr. Emoto's Good Vibrations & Detoxing

Dr. Emoto's Good Vibrations & Detoxing


So exactly one year ago I started two things...a detox cleanse and bringing more joy to my life by simply writing words on my water bottle, and homage to Dr. Emoto. And after a long summer of, ahem, indulgences, I think it's time to revisit these ideas once again. 

Let me just start by saying that Dr. Emoto was a wonderfully brilliant man who recognized the impact that words and energy have on water.  By saying prayers over water or writing messages of hate, he saw time and again the most beautiful and most awful patterns emerge in the frozen water crystals.

When I first heard about this, I was intrigued.  My understanding was that if we are comprised of a whole lotta water, then shouldn't the same philosophy of introducing kindness, love, laughter and gratitude into something you imbibe, also on some level interact with and change you?  
I think it does.
Take a good thought for example.  You can affirm that you are strong, you are beautiful, you are loved, and so on and after a while it starts to change your outlook.  It did for me.
So when I write good words, high powered words on my greens for the day or my water, I notice that my energy is good too.  Simple but effective.
Enter the detox cleanse.  I'm a fan of detox cleanses after periods where you are eating more luxuriantly, or are feeling low energy, or just want to restart your system.  I think supporting the liver and the digestive system through this process is also a necessity.

That's why when I start my detox on Monday, I know I will have the good Dr.'s ideas in hand with my cleanse kit.  I want to be supportive of my physiology on an energetic level.  By doing so, I know my energy will be elevated even more, a added happy bonus of detoxing your system and letting to of toxins you do not need.
So if this is something you're interested in too, I'd suggest giving the ole' Dr.Emoto experiment a try on your water bottle.  Try choosing the highest powered words like laughter, acceptance, peace, joy, gratitude, exuberance, ho'oponopono (the Hawaiian practice of apology, thanks, love and forgiveness...one of my personal favourites.)
Have a wonderful weekend.  Much love,

Sarah Devika
Founder & CEO


Ps. If you're interested in doing a detox, I always suggest speaking to your physician, neighbourly holistic nutritionist and doing your research!  They are powerful!

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