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An Ode to Multiculturalism

An Ode to Multiculturalism

An Ode to Multiculturalism

As a first generation Canadian and the daughter of a Guyanese immigrant who came to this country in 1972 (during the height of multicultural shifts in legislature in Canada), multiculturalism has always been a HUGE influence on me.

Quick history lesson – Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau declared in 1971 that Canada would adopt multicultural policy.  This meant a recognition and respect of its diverse society including languages, customs, religions and ethnicities.  And so in 1982, this was formally introduced into the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.  Bad ass right?! 

As a result I live in one of the most, if not the most multicultural cities in the world - Toronto!

(It’s the T dot!)

So that's why you'll find 30 shades in the line.  That's my ode to beautiful, multicultural women of all kinds.  I've always been able to find the beauty in a place, a space, a person, the planes of a face.  There are no barriers to that. 


Urban Minerals sees that and attempts to match that beauty in the same way, from the inside out. 

Maybe it’s just my bias, but I like to think that Toronto has some of the most beautiful women out there... ;) 


So let it be known right here, right now, on this most beautiful of August summer days that Urban Minerals stands for true, strong and free, multicultural beauty. 

Thanks Trudeau.

One love beautiful,

Sarah Devika
Urban Minerals Founder & CEO

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