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A Few Things I Know to Be True

A Few Things I Know to Be True

A Few Things I Know to Be True

Today is actually my birthday and with one more year under my belt, I guess I feel aged, much like a fine wine or a good cheese - I've acquired more flavour and refinement.  


And so with that classy little extra touch, I figured out that there are a few things that I know to be true about beauty, that I must share with you on this wonder-filled day.

1)     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Wherever you look, it’s all around you.  Sun dappling the leaves through the trees; bumble bees bumblin’ from flower to flower; the city skyline on a summers eve sunset.  Look to see these things that you just naturally find yourself surrounded by...(Hint: spend the rest of the summer outside!)
2)     Beauty is not just in the eye of the beholder.  That’s right.  It’s there even when you’re not looking for it, even when you’re not there.  Much like nature’s rhythms and that old philosophy – does the tree make any sound when it falls if no ones there to see it?  Heck yes, Mother Nature shines every day.  We could all take a cue from her.
3)     Feeling good from the inside out is even more important than simply looking sexy.  True beauty always starts from within.  Your friends and fam can see it and your soul can fully feel it.
And finally,

4) You are a uniquelovely, gorgeous, hot, intelligent, intellectual, natural beauty and your spirit emanates out of you and into the world every day.  Come correct, give your body the right whole food fuels it needs, dance often, laugh even more and take every opportunity to succeed that comes your way.

Easy peasy right?  Just do me a favour (cuz it is my bday ;) and keep those 4 points in mind for the rest of the day.  You’ll see a world of difference!

Thank you for making this a great birthday already.

With lots of love,

Sarah Devika

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